Aussie expert says Pope will fix Synod theology gaps

Biblical scholar Fr Frank Moloney, one of the appointed "experts" at this month's Synod, has predicted that Pope Benedict's document will be "profoundly Biblical and patristic", as well as "sensitive to the urgent pastoral questions" raised during the theologically disappointing discussions.

CLICK HEREFr Moloney, Provincial designate of the Australian Salesians, told the National Catholic Reporter's John Allen that he believed there has been a "fairly mediocre level of discussion among the bishops about ultimate theological and pastoral issues, which is not what [he] thinks the Holy Father actually wanted."

Allen said while most observers credit the Synod of Bishops on the Eucharist with producing a comparatively frank discussion on important issues, some - including Fr Moloney - had expressed disappointment that the conversation was "highly focused on rites, rules, and practical pastoral challenges, with relatively little attention to underlying theological principles".

"Bishops in the contemporary church inevitably are caught up in huge administrative issues, to say nothing of the fallout from sex scandals and all the rest," Moloney explained. "Their pants are on fire, and it's understandable that their interventions are concerned with practical pastoral problems."

Moloney said, the pope's own deep theological reflection should reassure anyone worried about the eventual apostolic exhortation Benedict is expected produce on the basis of the synod's input.

"I've known him for 18 years," Moloney said. "Don't worry, he'll handle it. What he comes up with will easily outclass anything said in that hall."

Moloney predicted that the document Benedict will eventually produce will be "profoundly Biblical and patristic," as well as "sensitive to the urgent pastoral questions" raised during the three weeks of discussions.

Meanwhile Catholic News Service reports that the Synod made only minor changes to its final list of propositions, maintaining a strong defence of priestly celibacy and recommending no relaxation of church rules on divorced and remarried Catholics.

The 50 propositions, which the synod was to vote on Saturday, contained no major differences from the list presented earlier in the week.

The synod was expected to overwhelmingly approve the propositions, following the pattern of previous assemblies. The recommendations were then to be handed over to Pope Benedict XVI for his use, possibly in the post-synodal document mentioned by Fr Monoley.

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24 Oct 2005