Schools failing to pass on values

Public and private schools are spending too much time teaching students to earn a living and too little time exploring beliefs and values that shape lives, a leading education expert says.

CLICK HEREThe Sydney Morning Herald reports that academic competition is pushing some students into areas of study they do not fit, and traditional disciplines are overcrowded with subject matter that makes it difficult for teachers to spare time for more critical evaluation and discussion.

Emeritus Professor Brian Hill, from Perth's Murdoch University, will deliver today the keynote address to the NSW Inter-Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools.

The fragmentation of the school day into study periods, particularly at high school, means there is no one teacher to care for the "whole" student.

"The result is students surrender to the dominant value system peddled by the media which is instant gratification and do your own thing," Professor Hill says.

"We are producing young people focused on the immediate satisfaction of needs and who are discouraged from feeling responsible for what's going on in the wider world."

A Christian, Professor Hill has called for state schools to introduce into their curriculums religious studies which give students an understanding of the legacy of Christianity as the main source of values that have shaped Australian culture, but appraises the role of all religions.

Ethics-based education strips of moral underpinning and global context and "taken one value at a time" had its limitations, he will tell the conference.

Schools failing to pass on values (Sydney Morning Herald 21/10/05)

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21 Oct 2005