Pope talks to Synod about collegiality

Pope Benedict XVI yesterday spoke to the Synod of Bishops about collegiality, understood in terms of bishops helping each other, as a work of mercy, through "fraternal correction".

CLICK HEREAsiaNews reports that this was the thrust of the meditation with which the Holy Father opened the day's deliberations of the Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the Eucharist. His address was followed by a report of Cardinal Angelo Scola, patriarch of Venice.

"None of us," the Pope explained, "sees himself and his shortcomings properly. And so it is an act of love, to complement one another, to help each other to see better, to correct ourselves."

In his address, Cardinal Scola challenged the Synod to find out why, especially in the West, the sense of "Eucharistic amazement" has declined.

"Birth, growing up, being educated, love, suffering and death are signed by the Eucharistic power".

Cardinal Scola blamed the decline on the fact that Christians celebrate the Eucharist as something "distant from reality".

He said: "The Christian community lives in abstractions; it no longer speaks to the concrete man, to his sentiments, his work, his rest, his needs for unity, truth, goodness, beauty."

Meanwhile Catholic World News heads its coverage with news that the international movement We Are Church is calling on the Synod to revise the doctrine of the Eucharist.

The group, described by Catholic World News as "dissident", called for abandoning the notion that the Eucharist is a sacrifice, and instead saying that the mass is "in memory of the entire life of Jesus."

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5 Oct 2005