Pax Christi tells Downer to fight poverty and stop arms race

The Catholic peace organisation Pax Christi has written to Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer, requesting his delegation at the September Millennium Plus Five (M+5) Summit to urge members to adopt worthwhile strategies that will assist in the alleviation of world poverty.

A Pax Christi statement says the organisation makes a strong connection between the alleviation of world poverty and the need to control the spiraling acceptance of nuclear weapons as a safeguard for our world.

It says that states participating in this week's Millennium Plus Five event in New York "need to direct resources of their states primarily towards alleviating poverty within our world, rather than accepting a world that believes that the only safeguard for the future is in this unjust proliferation of nuclear weaponry".

Pax Christi Australia is part of an international Christian movement which has consultative status at the United Nations.

Fr Claude Mostowik MSC, the organisation's NSW coordinator, reiterates the message that Pax Christi believes the world community needs leadership from the United Nations. He says Australia could play a significant part in this positive leadership. His letter to the Foreign Minister covers many aspects of nuclear weapons disarmament actions and the monitoring and control of such weapons so as to reduce the risk of accidental nuclear war.

Fr Mostowik challenged Mr Downer to stand along side those nations who seek the strategies that will alleviate world poverty and reduce the nuclear weapons in our fragile world.

Alleviate world poverty or increase nuclear weapons!! (Pax Christi Australia NSW 14/9/05)

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15 Sep 2005