Irish Church leaders respond to renewed violence in Belfast

Catholic Archbishop of Armagh, Sean Brady, has expressed his distress at news of fresh rioting in Northern Ireland, and urged community leaders to play their part in restoring calm.

CLICK HERE"The safety of people and the security of their property is being severely threatened," he said. "I hope that calm will be restored to these communities by community leaders engaging in constructive talks."

Christian Today reports that Archbishop Brady - the Primate of All Ireland - was one of a number of church leaders to express concern.

During the two days of violence that rocked Belfast, around 100 masked loyalist paramilitaries hurled petrol bombs at police on the Ardoyne Road in some of the worst violence to hit the Northern Ireland capital in years.

Loyalist protestors also fought police on Albert Bridge Road in the east of the city, while a bomb exploded at the gates of the New Barnsley police station in the west.

The Church of Ireland's Most Rev Dr Robin Eames, Archbishop of Armagh, said: "I share the deep concern of so many at the turmoil erupting within the Protestant and loyalist community at this time.

"Questions of great importance are being raised, but there is no possible excuse for the attacks on the police, who once again have found themselves in a virtually impossible situation.

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