Bishop warns babies set to become 'consumer products'

Babies could become consumer products within 10 years, due to the mentality being promoted by the contraceptive and IVF industries, according to Sydney's auxiliary Bishop Anthony Fisher.

CLICK HEREBishop Fisher told the Catholic Weekly that many people are questioning the supposed freedoms those industries offer.

The bishop was responding to comments by Carl Djerassi, designer of the first oral contraceptive, who said that we may be as little as 10 years away from a world where sexual intercourse is entirely separated from reproduction.

The Stanford University emeritus professor said he believed women will be "happy" to be sterilised after having their eggs frozen, knowing they can have eggs thawed, fertilised and implanted when they choose to have a child. He believes the technology will be developed "easily in the next 10 years" and that the movement towards completely controlled conception is already occurring.

He rejected the claim that the decline in fertility in many countries was due to the contraceptive pill.

Pope Benedict XVI used a recent public audience to pray for societies suffering a declining birth rate, saying they are "lacking in energy and hope".

In Australia, the birth rate is 1.75 and has been below the replacement rate for the past 20 years.

Bishop Fisher agrees that we may well be on the path to Dr Djerassi's dream world where sex, love, marriage and children are entirely disintegrated from each other, because it is in the best interests of contraceptive and IVF industries.

"These entrepreneurs have been very successful in getting us to adopt a consumer mentality towards the body, sexuality and children," he says.

"They brag that birth rates have plummeted and that many people now have sex not just without children but without love or commitment, merely for 'fun, lust, curiosity or excitement', as Dr Djerassi says.

"The contraceptive manufacturers have taught people not to love their bodies, life and children but rather to fear their fertility, to withhold it even from their spouses, to cauterise it temporarily or permanently."

Prof Djerassi, who concluded his visit on Saturday, was invited to Australia by the federally-funded education body Australia Science Innovations.

Bishop warns of babies as 'consumer products' (Catholic Weekly 11/9/05)

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13 Sep 2005