WYD push to bring back Sydney 2000 Olympic volunteers

CLICK HEREAuxiliary Bishop Anthony Fisher says organisers of World Youth Day 2008 will be calling on the men and women who formed an army of volunteers for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games to help make World Youth Day in Sydney 2008 a success.

The Catholic Weekly reports that Cologne had the help of 20,000 volunteers for the 2005 World Youth Day to serve meals, act as ushers and drivers, man ticket gates, help register pilgrims and prepare liturgies.

Bishop Fisher expects that Sydney will also need volunteers in the "tens of thousands".

More than 46,000 volunteers assisted at Sydney's Olympics Games in 2000, many of them young people. Another 15,000 assisted at Sydney's Paralympic Games which followed directly after. They quickly became renowned for their enthusiasm, friendliness and patriotic spirit.

Bishop Fisher is confident that the former Olympic volunteers will answer the call to become involved in World Youth Day, which is also a great international event and a chance to show the friendliness and hospitality of Australians to the world.

"The government has told us that the Olympic volunteers so loved being part of such a big event that it has no doubt they will come out for World Youth Day," he told the Catholic Weekly.

"With the volunteer base from the Olympics and our Catholic networks I don't think we will have a problem getting the volunteers we will need. The challenge is to make sure that we train them well."

Sydney WYD 2008: call for Olympic volunteers (Catholic Weekly 4/9/05)

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32 Sep 2005