Gay seminarian ban imminent

CLICK HEREThe Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education will soon publish a document clarifying the Church's policy on the admittance to priesthood training of men with homosexual orientations.

Catholic News Agency reports that the Congregation, which is headed by Cardinal Zenon Grockolewski, could release the long anticipated document this month. It is exprected that it will prohibit seminaries from accepting homosexual candidates.

It would supersede the "de facto" policy adhered to in some seminaries, which only require that the candidate be capable of living celibacy, without distinguishing between heterosexual and homosexual candidates.

The document will point out that because seminarians live and study in close proximity with one another, it would be an act of injustice both toward the person with a homosexual orientation and toward normal seminarians to allow such an individual to enter the seminary. While the text will be pastoral in nature, it will be based "on the clear teaching of the Church on this issue (of homosexuality) and on recent events in the Church," sources told Catholic News Agency.

Although the official date of its publication has not been announced, the document could be released shortly before the Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education, Archbishop J. Michael Miller, initiates apostolic visitations of 220 seminaries in the United States in mid-September.

Holy See to publish document on admittance of homosexuals to seminaries (Catholic News Agency 31/8/05)

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32 Sep 2005