Pell 'agnostic' on intelligent design

Cardinal George Pell has said that while the theory of evolution is compatible with the church's teaching, it is sometimes taught "in an anti-God way" and he'd "be happy for [science teachers] to talk about design or intelligent design [ID]".

Cardinal Pell told the Weekend Australian that science cannot infer that there is a designer, hat is the business of philosophy.

The paper's feature was responding to news that, in coming weeks, science students at Sydney's Pacific Hills Christian School will begin learning about this theory that challenges much that conventional science says about the origin of life. Education, Science and Training Minister Brendan Nelson has supported the teaching of ID.

It quoted Australia's world-renowned physicist Paul Davies, who described ID is codswallop, not science but creationism in disguise.

The paper also quoted Fr Andrew Hamilton, publisher of the Jesuits' Eureka Street, who said science will "see off" the ID argument, but for religion it is dangerous.

"It makes God dependent on scientific evidence," he said. "You are locking God into being a discernible actor within the world rather than the principal on which the world depends. You're domesticating God."

It is, he suggests, more about the search for security than truth. "[With faith] you don't have the security of absolute proof, it's always a move into the unknown," he says.

Designed to put God into the gaps (The Australian 3/9/05)

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5 Sep 2005