Pope sends Katrina aid

CLICK HEREPope Benedict XVI has asked the Vatican's central charity organisation, Cor Unum, to coordinate Church aid for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

"We have all been pained in the last few days by the disaster caused by the hurricane in the United States of America, particularly in New Orleans," Pope Benedict said during his Sunday Angelus address.

"I have asked the president of Cor Unum to give to those hit evidence of my closeness to them," he said.

A Reuters report pubished in The Australian today says the Holy Father also prayed for the hundreds of Iraqis killed in Baghdad last week during a stampede in a huge crowd of Shiite pilgrims caused by fears of a suicide bomber in their midst.

Cor Unum, which means One Heart in Latin, helps to coordinate Vatican relief funds but tends to operate separately from wealthy national churches and large dioceses.

The report said the Catholic Church in the USA is organising its own fundraising campaign.

Meanwhile UPI reports that schools from across the United States are opening their doors to students displaced by the hurricane.

For example, the Diocese of Shreveport, La., which has seven elementary schools, has enrolled more than 200 students in the days after displaced people from afflicted dioceses moved into the Shreveport area.

US dioceses are offering tuition-free attendance, free books and backpacks as well as whatever else students need, as students begin the school year away from home. Relatives who live thousands of miles away and take in nieces and nephews from the Gulf Coast area, will find their local Catholic schools also have agreed to help displaced persons.

"Our top priority are students, from pre-school to college," said Sr Glenn Anne McPhee, the U.S. Bishops' Secretary for Education. "Throughout the country there are efforts to bring stability to students' lives by providing them with educational opportunities so that their schooling will be as uninterrupted as possible."

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5 Sep 2005