Pell blessing for Sydney Swans

Cardinal George Pell has given his support to the Sydney Swans AFL football team, which faces the West Coast Eagles in this weekend's Grand Final.

CLICK HERE"May the best team win ... and I'm sure that's the Swans," Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell told the Daily Telegraph.

"I think we should also say a little prayer that the umpires should give us a few good decisions for a change," he said.

Although he is vice-patron of Richmond, the Telegraph describes Cardinal Pell as "among the highest order of Swans' fans", adding the he "knows every word of the team anthem".

He told the paper that the same tune was the official song at his old school - St Patrick's College, Ballarat.

And after two thrilling victories in the past fortnight, there's been ample opportunity to break into hymn.

Cardinal Pell, however, says the close nature of the victories has made him feel like looking skywards for help.

"I will certainly say a little prayer for them this week, especially if it's close again at three-quarter time."

God on our side (Daily Telegraph 23/9/05)

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23 Sep 2005