New book explores challenges of interfaith marriages

A new book by Dr Abe Ata of the Australian Catholic University offers insights into the struggles of the partners in interfaith marriages, who often overcome immense difficulties to sustain their commitment to each other.

CLICK HEREThe book, which addresses the challenges and benefits of marriage between a Catholic and a Christian of another denomination was launched by Federal Attorney General Philip Ruddock, at the Australian Catholic University Fitzroy campus in Melbourne, on Monday.

Titled Mixed Marriages: Catholic/Non-Catholic Marriages in Australia, it is the twelfth to be written by ACU National's Senior Fellow at the Institute for the Advancement of Research and Lecturer in Psychology (VIC), Dr Abe Ata. This new research follows Dr Ata's recently published research on Christian-Muslim intermarriage.

ACU National Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Sheehan AO congratulated Dr Ata on the timely release of his book.

"This book has much to offer anyone who wants a deeper understanding of attitudes towards family, divorce and marital relationships among interfaith couples," said Professor Sheehan.

"Knowing the perceptions of the status of interfaith marriages will help us work through the differences and so address the obligations of intermarried couples towards each other," he said. "The book is richly informed by data; this not only promotes understanding but also the development of techniques that can handle the differences."

Dr Ata's book indicates areas within which challenges can arise in interfaith marriages, such as determining which denomination children will be raised. It also indicates some of the positive factors of interfaith marriage, such as the potential for an increased understanding of and appreciation for each denomination.

Dr Ata was born in Bethlehem. In 1970 he was nominated as a delegate to the United Nations' World Youth Assembly in New York. He graduated in psychology at the American University of Beirut; and in 1980 he completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne. Dr Ata has taught in Australian, American, Jordanian, West Bank and Danish universities.

Dr Ata's book is available for $30.00 through David Lovell Publishing in Melbourne (see link below).

ACU National launches book on challenges of Interfaith Marriages (Australian Catholic University 22/9/05)

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23 Sep 2005