Milestone in boarding school ministry

The Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn is to assume responsibility for the boarding ministry to rural students at Trinity Catholic College in Goulburn (NSW), which has been provided by the Christian Brothers and the Josephite Sisters.

The Goulburn Post reports that the Archdiocesan Catholic Education Commission, together with the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of St Joseph, last year conducted a review of the future needs and arrangements for students boarding at the college.

As a result of that study, Archbishop Francis Carroll has accepted the recommendation that, from 2006, the Archdiocese will assume responsibility for the St Patrick's and Marian boarding residences.

For more than a century, the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of St Joseph have provided a boarding ministry to rural students through their respective boarding residences in Goulburn.

When Trinity Catholic College came into existence, both congregations continued to take responsibility for the provision of boarding for girls and boys attending Trinity Catholic College and have been able to maintain this responsibility up until this year.

"The reality facing the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of St Joseph is that it has become increasingly difficult to appoint members of the congregations to their boarding residences," said Archbishop Carroll.

"As well recent NSW Government legislation requirements for education authorities that have responsibility for a college with boarding associated with it, have influenced this decision to transfer responsibility for boarding to Trinity Catholic College.

"It is most important to remember that boarding, as experienced now, will continue to be available at the St Patrick's and Marian residences but under the authority of the Catholic Education Commission."

The Commission has established a joint working party to oversee the implementation of the new arrangements, comprising the principal of Trinity Catholic College, Joe Steyns, the College Bursar, Ian Lee, and representatives of the Christian Brothers, the Sisters of St Joseph and the Catholic Education Office.

The College community will be kept informed during this changeover process, he said.

College boarding move (Goulburn Post 15/8/05)

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16 Aug 2005