'Church in World' focus for Social Justice Statement

The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council has published a summary of this year's Social Justice Statement, towill be launched ahead of Social Justice Sunday, which will be marked on 25 September.

The focus on Christians' 'actions for justice in the world' coincides with this year's 40th anniversary of Gaudium et Spes, the Vatican II document on the Church in the Modern World.

The Social Justice Statement - titled Jesus, Light for the World - Living the Gospel Today - will present Jesus as the "light of our lives" who is also "light for our footsteps and the guide for our path".

According to the summary published on the website of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, the Statement ponders the faithful to ask themselves how they are a light in today's world.

Based on Gospel accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus, the Statement considers Christians' calling to bring the light of Christ to the world in the context of the Gospels.

"When Jesus cures the sick woman (Lk 8:40-56) he shines a light on the treatment of the marginalised and dispossessed. As he approaches death his closing words to his disciples are to care for the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the stranger (Mt 25:31-46)."

"In this 40th anniversary year of the Pastoral Constitution Gaudium et spes, we are reminded that 'Christians can have nothing more at heart than to be of ever more effective and generous service to humanity in the modern world'. And in this Year of the Eucharist, we recall how our communion in God involves communion in each other since it is the one Bread and the one Cup we are invited to share."

The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council produces a range of complementary resources to assist parish communities, schools and social justice groups to celebrate Social Justice Sunday.

The Council is taking orders for print copies of the Statement, and advises that other resources will soon be available on its website (see link below).

2005 Social Justice Sunday - 25 September 2005 (Australian Catholic Social Justice Council)

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