Remote area voice sees PM 'off target' on IR

Broome's Office of Justice, Ecology & Peace has said that Prime Minister John Howard's attempts to silence Church comment on the Government's proposed Industrial Relations reforms show a lack of understanding of the role of Church leaders and organisations.

In the context of Church criticism of the reform proposals, Mr Howard last Sunday challenged the idea that the Church can hold a position on particular social issues, asserting that there's "no such thing as a Catholic or an Anglican view on anything. It depends on individuals".

Broome Office Coordinator Br Shane Wood said yesterday that the attempt by the Prime Minister to ward off Church criticism of the IR proposals was "wide of the mark:.

"His comments demonstrate the Prime Minister's lack of understanding of the role and responsibilities of Church Leaders and Church organisations committed to social justice," he said.

"Unlike the Prime Minister, Church Leaders are required by their position to preach the Word in season and out of season," he said. "They are not responsive to the whims of popular opinion or swayed by the pressures that come from the need to keep an eye on the next election."

Br Wood said that Church Leaders and Church groups with a responsibility for the promotion of social justice are required to take their lead from the Gospel, and based on a solid tradition of over a century of Catholic Social Justice teaching, to apply these principles to current affairs.

"Also unlike political parties in most instances, having had the principles of Catholic Social Justice Teaching applied to a particular issue by Church Leaders or their agencies, it is up to the conscience of the individual members of the Church to act as they see fit on that advice. This is not to weaken the principle or to call into to question the process by which it was arrived at. It is to give to the individual the respect and dignity that is their right, and to leave them to exercise their informed conscience on the issue at hand."

Preemptive strike misses the targetů (Office of Justice, Ecology and Peace, Diocese of Broome 11/8/05)

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12 Aug 2005