Benedict set to embark on first international mission

Anticipation is building as Pope Benedict XVI prepares to depart for next week's visit to Germany, which observers are describing as a test of his ability to connect with young Catholics.

Catholic News Service reports that in Cologne, the Holy Father will be welcomed by hundreds of thousands of young people from more than 150 countries. He will listen to their thoughts, their songs and their prayers, and offer his own reflections - formal and informal - at meetings and a closing Mass.

It says the three-day visit from next Thursday will be full of firsts: It will be Pope Benedict's first foreign trip, his first homecoming and his first appearance before a massive, international audience since his election in April.

The papal program has been expanded to include a visit to a synagogue, meetings with Germany's civil authorities, and encounters with local Muslims and ecumenical leaders.

But the primary focus will be the young people, and the world will be watching to see how the 78-year-old pope communicates with newer generations of Catholics.

The report comments that in his first four months as pontiff, Pope Benedict has sometimes described the church's mission as courageously speaking the truth, even to a society that does not want to hear it. World Youth Day will present an opportunity to explain that mission in a way that energises the church of the future.

Canadian Basilian Fr Thomas Rosica, national director for World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto, said Pope Benedict has already shown he can connect with young Catholics.

"I feel that young people today are looking for clear, articulate teaching on the Christian life. In Benedict they have a great teacher," Fr Rosica said. "Benedict is growing beautifully into his new role as chief shepherd and pastor. I think he will need this World Youth Day experience with all of its joy and exuberance just as much as the young people need the pope," Father Rosica said.

Over the [northern] summer, Pope Benedict has been working on his speeches and getting into the World Youth Day spirit, telling visitors: "I am no longer young, but my heart is young."

Pope's visit to Germany will return young papacy to world stage (Catholic News Service 11/8/05)

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12 Aug 2005