Nguiu schools to remain under Catholic control

After last month's threat to "expel" the Church from running schools on the Tiwi Islands, a Bathurst Island public meeting yesterday resolved that the schools would remain in the hands of the Catholic Education Office.

The ABC reports that local Indigenous leader Gawain Tipiloura had expressed the community's dissatisfaction with the way Murrupurtiyanuwu primary and Xavier secondary school are being run.

He told The Australian newspaper that the church is no longer providing a sufficient service and would most likely be replaced. "I believe they have got to move on," he said. "They are not really up to the job."

He has joined a working group to go through the school's funding arrangements with the director of Catholic Education.

Northern Territory Catholic Education director Bill Griffiths said all the school's money comes from the Territory Education Department.

"The local people wanted more information about how school funding works within the Catholic sector and I've agreed, more than happy to be on that," he said.

"The Education Department and the Commonwealth Education Department too are going to be part this committee with the local people, so I think that's a good outcome."

The working group will meet in again six weeks.

Nguiu schools to remain under Catholic control (ABC Message Stick 9/8/05)

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10 Aug 2005