Visa denials disappoint WYD would-be pilgrims

The Pulitzer.de news agency has learned that around 1000 aspiring pilgrims from developing countries have been denied visas required to enter Germany to travel to Cologne for this month's World Youth Day.

The German Foreign Minstry has stressed that it is not discriminating against individuals, but applying its criteria to all visa applicants from affected countries. Australians do not need a visa to enter Germany, but residents of many other countries, especially developing countries, do.

Pulitzer.de has put the current number of visa denials at 1000, including 600 from the Philippines. Smaller groups from Cameroun and Nigeria were reportedly also denied the necessary travel documents.

Foreign-Ministry spokesperson Rolf Ackermann has told the agency that the number of denied visa was "the usual quota as with other visa applications, namely 8% to 12%".

According to WYD organisers, 9% of the 372,000 registered pilgrims need a visa. The quota mentioned suggests that between 2700 and 4000 would-be pilgrims will be denied a visa.

An email from Filipino aspirants indicated that they would pursue their applications despite the fact that they will almost certainly fail.

"We're entrusting everything to the Lord with bountiful prayers," said one would-be pilgrim.

Travel blockades by Germany no "singular cases" (World Youth Day Independent News/stern1.de 7/8/05)
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9 Aug 2005