PM dismisses voice of Church

Prime Minister John Howard has challenged the idea that the Church can hold a position on particular social issues, asserting that there's "no such thing as a Catholic or an Anglican view on anything. It depends on individuals".

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Mr Howard has dismissed the concerns of two of Australia's leading religious leaders that the Government's workplace changes will hurt families.

The Catholic and Anglican Archbishops of Sydney - Cardinal George Pell and Archbishop Peter Jensen - said at the weekend that proposed changes to the industrial relations system could erode minimum wages, cut weekend family time, and restrict collective bargaining.

But Mr Howard said their views do not reflect the opinions of the wider Catholic and Anglican communities.

"I believe that there'll be a range of views inside the ranks of practising Catholics on this issue, and Anglicans, as there are on every other issue," he told ABC TV's Insiders program.

The Government plans to introduce a single national industrial relations system, change the way minimum wages are set and scrap unfair dismissal laws for some businesses. Individual contracts will also be encouraged under the system with fewer minimum standards, prompting fears workers' basic rights will be stripped.

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8 Aug 2005