Vatican journo claims 2008 WYD 'winner is Sydney'

One of the most respected foreign journalists at the Vatican has said his sources have told him that the rights to hold the 2008 World Youth Day event have been awarded to Sydney.

John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter wrote in his Word from Rome website column on Friday that although Pope Benedict XVI will make the formal announcement in Cologne this month, he has learned that Cardinal George Pell's to secure the event have paid off, and the 2008 WYD will be held in Sydney.

This month's event in Cologne (15-21 August) is expected to draw between 800,000 and one million young people from all corners of the globe.

Allen compares staging World Youth Day to putting on the Olympic Games, but says competition to host World Youth Day is "not quite as fierce as the Olympics", in part because it's an expensive production that requires a staggering amount of work.

"Still, there's no shortage of bishops who would like to see a World Youth Day on their home turf," he suggests, pointing out that Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne, for example, took a strong personal interest in this year's event.

Allen's sources said the tentative plan is to hold the event in June 2008, but this date is not finalised. If it happens this way, it would suggest a shift from holding World Youth Days every two years to every three; Cologne comes three years after the last World Youth Day, in Toronto in 2002.

The correspondent says Cardinal Pell pushed hard to host the event, "despite knowing that it doesn't come cheap". German organizers recently estimated the costs for the 2005 production at roughly $A158 million. Even in prosperous Canada, the last World Youth Day in 2002 left behind a debt of $A31.4 million.

Allen comments that while Pell will speak for himself when the announcement is made, "one suspects the basic aim is to break through the fog of apathy and disinterest that often surrounds institutional religion in the West".

"World Youth Day is a jolt to the story that secularised society likes to tell itself, which is that religion is a quiet, private thing with little impact on the broader culture and little appeal for the young.

"Up against powerful social currents that press youth towards secular conceptions of identity and satisfaction, many bishops, including Pell, regard $A158 million as a relatively small price to pay to balance the scales, if only for a week."

John L Allen: World Youth Day in Cologne and then Sydney (National Catholic Reporter 29/7/05)

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32 Aug 2005