Family Planning Council announces theme for NFP Week

The Australian Council of Natural Family Planning Incorporated (ACNFP) has put forward "Your body, your choice" as the theme of Natural Family Planning Week to be held nationally during the last week of this month.

"NFP Week is about celebrating the gift of fertility and the choice that each person has in embracing that precious gift," said ACNFP President Noelle Melrose.

ACNFP is affiliated with the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Mrs Melrose added: "We hear so much about "choice" on a daily basis, we are celebrating and advocating the healthy best choice for your body when planning a family!"

"As well as being a healthier choice and therefore safer than the oral contraceptive pill, natural fertility management methods allow both women and men to share the responsibility for their fertility and make decisions together about achieving, avoiding and spacing pregnancy. These methods can also be utilized across a variety of life situations: while planning and having a family, including breastfeeding; post hormonal contraception; and menopause."

Founded in 1975, ACNFP has 17 affiliated centres nationwide. A toll-free hotline - 1800 114 010 - has been set up to take enquiries and direct callers to their nearest Natural Family Planning Centre.

During NFP Week, the centres will distribute postcards reflecting the "Your body, your choice" theme, for distribution to clients, parishes, doctors surgeries, and elsewhere.

"Your body, your choice" - theme of NFP Week 2005 (Australian Council of Natural Family Planning 2/8/05)

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3 Aug 2005