Radical living in the Ecozoic Era

CLICK HERELast weekend, 35 religious from various congregations and places gathered at the Holy Cross Monastery, Templestowe, in Melbourne for a reflection process on Radical Living in the Ecozoic Era.

Edmund Rice Online reports that Christian Brother Peter Dowling said the event represented a "chance to look deeply at the Universe Story and how it connects with our story as followers of Christ".

It is particularly significant for the Christian Brothers and their Edmund Rice Network, which have embraced the Earth Charter. The Earth Charter is an international declaration of fundamental principles for a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century, launched in 2000.

"The challenges for our world are strong and the answers not always clear, but our own Chapter directions keep inviting us into further exploration of our place in the bigger picture of all creation," he said.

The interest in Ecozoic Studies is part of the implementation of the Edmund Rice Earth Charter Project. An article by the legendary US Passionist eco-theologian Fr Thomas Berry indicates that the first principle of the Ecozoic era is "recognising that the Universe is primarily a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects".

The Edmund Rice Earth Charter is prefaced with a quotation from the Ecozoic Reader stressing continuity of the species.

"We need a vision that ensures the continuation of our species and a clear path to executing that vision…. The Earth Charter expresses such a vision."

Thomas Berry says: "Every being has its own place and its own proper role in the functioning of the planet, its own presentation of itself that might be identified as its voice."

"Our difficulty is that we have become autistic," he continues. "We no longer listen to what the earth, its landscape, its atmospheric phenomena and all its living forms, its mountains and valleys, the rain, the wind, and all the flora and fauna of the planet are telling us. Since the Seventeenth Century we have not heard, we have not understood the inner world about us. We have experienced the external phenomena. We have had no entry into the world of interior meaning. We have not heard the voices."

Radical living in the Ecozoic Era (Edmund Rice Online 30/8/05)

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31 Aug 2005