Pope urges solidarity in a globalised world

CLICK HEREIndividuals, governments, international organisations and institutions and all members of civil society, must commit themselves to work for a just growth of peoples and nations, for the good of all, according to Pope Benedict XVI.

When receiving the new ambassador of Ecuador to the Holy See on Monday, Benedict XVI addressed the "problems of the economic, social and political order" of that country and, after stressing the need for dialogue and the collaboration of all "political and socioeconomic entities," he framed these challenges in their international context.

Zenit reports that the Holy Father's response to the phenomenon of globalisation is to issue a vibrant call for "genuine solidarity" in the world.

It is, Zenit says, the same proposal articulated by Pope John Paul II, when he called for the "globalisation of solidarity," given the rise of the "global village" that followed the fall of the Soviet Communist bloc and the rise of new communication technologies.

"Urgent, then, is this union of intentions and wills to make possible the continuous action of government leaders in the face of the challenges of a globalized world, which must be addressed with genuine solidarity," the Benedict said.

"This virtue, as my predecessor John Paul II of venerated memory said, must inspire the action of individuals, governments, international organizations and institutions and all members of civil society, committing themselves to work for a just growth of peoples and nations, having as the objective the good of each and all," affirmed Benedict XVI.

By late 1987, John Paul II had foreseen the process of globalization - at the time he used the term "interdependence" - when publishing the encyclical "Sollicitudo Rei Socialis."

In section 40 of the encyclical, quoted in part by his successor today, John Paul II wrote that "world peace is inconceivable unless the world's leaders come to recognize that interdependence in itself demands the abandonment of the politics of blocs, the sacrifice of all forms of economic, military or political imperialism, and the transformation of mutual distrust into collaboration. This is precisely the act proper to solidarity among individuals and nations."

Benedict XVI Urges Solidarity in a Globalized World

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31 Aug 2005