MSC Missionaries gather in Sydney

CLICK HEREThirteen Missionaries of the Sacred Heart from eight countries gathered in Sydney with their Australian brothers and sisters last week, to share stories of working with diverse nations and people that include Namibia and Banda Aceh.

The annual gathering included mission personnel from several continents, and was held at the MSC headquarters in Kensington. The theme was "Moved by Compassion".

Fr Adrian Meaney MSC, convenor of the MSC Mission Office, said: "We have delegates from Fiji, India, Indonesia, Kiribati, Namibia, Philippines, PNG, Korea and Australia. A feature of our meeting is a great sharing of stories from diverse nations and people."

"There are more than 1000 MSCs engaged in various ministries with people of many nations, various religions and diverse backgrounds, all giving the same message that God's Heart goes out to everyone."

The Clean Water Project is one of the key initiatives being implemented in several countries, from Namibia, which is one of the driest places on earth (between the Kalahari Desert and the Angolan border) to Banda Aceh, which was devastated by the Boxing Day tsunami.

Fr Viany Untu MSC established a new MSC Mission Office in Indonesia last month to undertake the work in Aceh and Nias.

He said: "Eight months after the tsunami some areas are still devastated. We are working to provide clean water for the communities. The water on the ground is stagnant because it cannot return to the sea, and without toilets this becomes more polluted. Thousands of people are still living in tents and barrack-style housing. With the clean water project we are building toilets in seven villages and installing rain-water tanks to store water for drinking and sanitation."

In Chennai, another area badly hit by the tsunami, the MSC Mission Office is building a school for disadvantaged youth. In Namibia the spread of HIV-AIDS has reached the epidemic proportions of South Africa, and the MSC Mission Office is providing funding to support the MSC Sisters in their hospice for the dying and their work in home-based care for people with HIV-AIDS.

MSC Missionaries gather in Sydney (MSC Missionaries 23/8/05)

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30 Aug 2005