79% say good people of other faiths OK for heaven

CLICK HEREAccording to a Newsweek/Beliefnet poll, 79% of Americans believe that a "good person who isn't of [their own] religious faith" can nevertheless attain salvation.

Catholic News Servicer reportAmong Catholics, who made up 22% of the survey sample, 91% agreed with the statement.

Among evangelicals, 69% agreed. Among non-Christians, 73% agreed.

The random-sample telephone poll was conducted with 1004 Americans at the beginning of this month.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus percentage points.

According to poll results posted on Beliefnet's Web site, 43% of Catholics said they were "somewhat traditional" and 34% said they were "very traditional" when asked, " In terms of the way you practice your religion today, how do you think of yourself?" Nine% said they were "not traditional," 6% said they were "on the cutting edge," and 8% said they didn't know.

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25 Aug 2005