International press judges Benedict's impact

CLICK HEREWhile the New York Times has described Pope Benedict XVI's performance at World Youth Day as "more cerebral than sizzling", the German press has expressed surprise at his unexpectedly charismatic presence.

The Rome-based Zenit news agency says the German press "took note of the unexpected impact that Benedict XVI made on young people, judging by the headlines at newsstands in the city centre".

"Benissimo! ... und tscho" was the headline in Italian and the Bavarian dialect of Cologne's Express newspaper.

The Cologne daily Kölner Stadt Anzeiger showed the Holy Father blessing the crowds with the headline "1 Million Pilgrims With the Pope."

"Who Still Listens to the Pope's Voice?" asked the national newspaper Die Zeit on the front page, featuring a smiling Benedict XVI. Die Zeit, which answers the question with profiles of youths who attended World Youth Day, set up a space on its website for the event.

Zenit says that it believes only one major newspaper on sale in Cologne had a negative headline.

Meanwhile the New York Times began its assessment of the event with a more downbeat comment from a young German named Gerrit Meents.

"Actually it didn't really have an impact on me," he said. "I think he's still learning how to address young people. As we were saying yesterday, half a year ago he was just running around Rome, and now he's pope.

"So he's still learning," he added, "and that's all right."

The paper says that the emotional charge that Catholics became accustomed to from 26 years of Pope John Paul II was "less evident in this less extroverted, more cerebral pope".

"He's so new, I don't think we have much of an insight on him so far," said Mallory Miles, 18, who just graduated from high school in Laredo, Texas. "But I'm sure it will come out."

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24 Aug 2005