Catholic funeral for Taizé's Brother Roger

CLICK HEREThousands of admirers amd well-wishers are converging on the French town of Taizé for Brother Roger's funeral later today.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that although Roger Shultz was a Protestant, born in Switzerland, he will receive a Catholic funeral service in accordance with his own wishes.

Last Tuesday, a Romanian woman stabbed Brother Roger, 90, who founded the internationally celebrated monastery at Taizé in Burgundy, dedicated to the cause of Christian unity.

The woman suffered from paranoid delusions and had been turned away by several convents. Romanian officials and acquaintances of Luminita Solcan, 36, said she was a highly intelligent woman who had plunged into paranoia and religious mania after the death of her father seven years ago.

Ms Solcan was seized after slashing Brother Roger in the neck and back before a congregation of 2,500 young people from all over the world. She faces a charge of "assassination" or pre-meditated murder.

Killer 'wanted to become a nun' (Belfast Telegraph 22/8/05)

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23 Aug 2005