Pope shocked at slaying of Taizé's Brother Roger

Pope Benedict XVI said yesterday that he is shocked and saddened at the slaying of Brother Roger Schutz, founder of the Taize community and one of the world's leading ecumenical figures.

Brother Roger, 90, was stabbed three times in the neck by a Romanian woman during an evening prayer service at the Taize community's headquarters in eastern France on Tuesday evening local time. He died soon afterwards. Authorities arrested the woman, 36, who was said to show signs of mental instability.

A visibly moved Pope Benedict, in impromptu remarks during his weekly general audience yesterday, said he had been given the sad and "terrifying" news that morning.

It was all the more shocking, the Holy Father said, because he had received a "very moving and very friendly" letter from Brother Roger the previous day.

The pope said Brother Roger had written to explain that for health reasons he could not join the pope for World Youth Day celebrations in Cologne, Germany, but would be there spiritually.

"He writes that from the bottom of his heart he wants to tell me: 'We are in communion with you and with those gathered in Cologne,'" the pope said, quoting from the letter in French.

"In his own hand, he writes that 'our community of Taize wants to walk in communion with the Holy Father,'" the pope said.

Brother Roger had met several times with Pope John Paul II, who briefly visited Taize in 1986. Pope Benedict personally greeted Brother Roger when, as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he celebrated Pope John Paul's funeral Mass in Rome in April.

For many of the pilgrims attending the papal audience, the news also came as a shock. Hundreds of thousands of people, especially youths, have visited the ecumenical monastic community of Taize or participated in its activities.

The pope did his best to comfort them.

"In this moment of sadness, we can only entrust to the Lord's goodness the soul of his faithful servant. We know that from sadness ... will be reborn joy," the pope said.

"Brother Roger is in the hands of eternal goodness and eternal love and has arrived at eternal joy," he said.

Brother Roger, a native of Switzerland and a minister of the Swiss Reformed Church, founded the Taize community in 1940 with three companions. It grew to eventually include more than 100 Anglicans, Lutherans, evangelicals and Catholics from more than 20 countries.

Pope shocked at slaying of Brother Roger, ecumenical leader (Catholic News Service 17/8/05)

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18 Aug 2005