Pope hails benefits of holidays

Pope Benedict XVI, who is on holiday in the Italian Alps, has extolled the virtue of taking a holiday to escape the frenetic pace of day-to-day life.

The BBC reports that he himself began a mountain holiday in the secluded chalet used by his predecessor John Paul II in northern Italy's Aosta Valley last Monday. His activities have included taking mountain walks, playing Mozart on the piano, praying, writing and studying.

He will later travel to his summer residence of Castel Gandolfo near Rome.

He gave thanks for his own holidays "after the first months of demanding pastoral service".

In contact with nature, people can again find their true dimension - they rediscover themselves as creatures, small but at the same time unique

The National Catholic Reporter's John Allen writes that for Joseph Ratzinger, "vacation" does not mean idleness or leisure in the traditional sense.

He said in his weekly column on Friday: "Unlike John Paul II, Benedict is not a man given to long walks in the mountains as a form of meditative prayer. Instead, he has shipped several cases of books and papers to the nine-room, two-story chalet in Les Combes as resources for his thinking and writing. Since his normal round of audiences, meetings with heads of state and curial officials, and other ceremonial duties are suspended, he has time to concentrate on shaping the main intellectual and administrative lines of his pontificate.

"Some time ago, the pope made reference to this dimension of his break: "I can't wait to go on vacation, because I have much to think about."

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18 Jul 2005