More students head to private schools

More than one third of Australian children will be educated in private schools by 2010, according to a new study by the Independent Schools Council of Australia.

The Council predicted in five years the independent sector's share of school enrolments would be about 16.6%, compared with the current figure of 13.9%.

Enrolments in Australia's Catholic schools are expected to grow slightly to 18.5% - making a combined private school share of 35.1%.

The projected gains for private schools mean state schools would see their enrolments slide three points to about 64.9%.

The executive director of the independent schools council, Bill Daniels, said the analysis showed the health of the independent schools sector. "It's responding to parental demand. There's plenty of evidence that a lot of parents are willing to pay the price, and the price is fees."

The analysis was published in the latest edition of Independence, the national journal for independent school heads.

It was based on enrolment trends between 1996 and 2003, combined with Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates on population growth.

More Aussie kids head to private schools (Seven News/Australian Associated Press 14/7/05)
One in three to choose private schools (The Age 14/7/05)

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15 Jul 2005