Outrage follows Kenya massacre

The Kenya Episcopal Conference (KEC) and the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK) have condemned this week's atrocities that led to the deaths of over 70 people in apparent tribal conflict in the country's north.

The incident occurred in Turbi, a remote area about 560 km north-east of the capital, Nairobi, on Tuesday. The assailants hacked to death and slashed the throats of at least two dozen children at a boarding school in the village, while most of the adults were shot, said medical workers at Nairobi's Wilson Airport, where 10 critically injured victims were being flown to the capital for treatment.

The Nairobi-based Catholic Information Service for Africa reports that the Bishops said they were "shocked and appalled" at the "carnage and gross humanity".

"We appeal, and even beg the people in the Districts that this dark shadow or apparent tribal conflict and hatred, may not appear in our land," they said. "We call upon the local leaders to preach, teach and practice peace in these moments. This is your time to make major and lasting contribution for the well-being of your people. Avoid divisive and selfish political interest. We urge you to look at the root causes of this situation and do something about it."

The religious urged the government to come up with a permanent solution to the situation before more lives are lost.

"Strict border checks should be put in place and more security enforcement officers permanently deployed to the area," they said. "Other long-term solutions would also include developing the area, which has been neglected since independence. With neither good roads nor good communication, local people are left to fate when killings like these happen. Attackers can easily escape long before measures to arrest them have been enforced."

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15 Jul 2005