Pope to write first encyclical during vacation

Sources close to the Holy See said this week Pope Benedict XVI, who began a 17-day vacation on Monday in the Italian Alps, might take advantage of the brief time away from the Vatican to begin writing his first encyclical.

Catholic News Agency quotes a Vatican Radio reports that said the Holy Father has been working on the draft of his first encyclical "for weeks" and that he plans to finish it during this 18-day long vacation.

The Pope will stay at the same chalet in the village of Les Combes where John Paul II often vacationed. He arrived at the isolated chalet with three suitcases full of books, leading to speculation that he may spend much of his time drafting the first encyclical letter of his Pontificate.

The Bishop of the diocese of Aosta, Giuseppe Anfossi, said yesterday that Pope Benedict XVI has chosen "a more private, quiet period of time, with less walks and more reading.

Pope to write first encyclical during vacation (Catholic News Agency 13/7/05)

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14 Jul 2005