Local prayers said for London bomb victims

Church leaders across Australia have been urging people to send their thoughts and prayers to the victims of the bomb attacks on London's centre.

Among many other leaders expressing similar sentiments, the Catholic Bishop of Armidale, Luc Mattys, says it is a shocking and mind-boggling attack.

"Of course our sympathy goes with people who are affected by this, particularly those who have died and their families," he said, in a statement quoted by ABC Radio News. "I would certainly encourage all people to pray...[we] offer our sympathy to these people and our support, whatever that can be done from so far away."

In Melbourne, ABC TV news reported prayers led by Archbishop Denis Hart's during a special mass celebrated yesterday in St Patrick's Cathedral (pictured).

Meanwhile, Caritas Australia director Jack de Groot issued a statement offering condolences to and prayers for those who were injured and the families and loved ones of those killed in the bomb blasts in London on Thursday.

Mr Jack Groot was speaking in his capacity as chair of the Make Poverty History coalition.

He agreed with the sentiments expressed by British Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair when he said that it was particularly barbaric that this terrorist attack should occur on the day when the world's leaders were meeting to address problems of poverty in Africa and long term problems facing the environment.

Mr Blair had said that he had no doubt that the bombings were designed to coincide with the opening of the G8 summit at Gleneagles in Scotland.

"The Make Poverty History coalition emphatically condemns not only those actions aimed to thwart discussions designed to end the suffering of millions but unreservedly condemns any act that involves even the smallest threat to human life," Mr de Groot said.

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11 Jul 2005