Pope calls London bombings 'barbaric acts against humanity'

Pope Benedict XVI described the string of bombings that struck central London yesterday as "barbaric acts against humanity", and said his prayers were with victims and their families.

Catholic News Service reports that the Holy Father said he was offering "fervent prayers" for all those affected by explosions that hit London's subway and bus system during the morning peak hour (around 5:50 pm Sydney time).

In a telegram sent by the Vatican's secretary of state, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, to Cardinal Cormac-Murphy O'Connor of Westminster, Pope Benedict said his thoughts and prayers were with the victims, families of the injured and "all those who mourn."

The Holy Father invoked "the consolation that only God can give in such circumstances" to all the people of Great Britain. He asked the cardinal "to convey to the families of the injured his spiritual closeness at this time of grief."

Meanwhile, fresh from a private audience with Pope Benedict, Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern condemned the London attacks as "a black mark on society." He was told of the emergency as he was leaving the Vatican after his audience with the pope.

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor was in Rome at the time, but said he would be returning to London later in the day.

"I too pray for all those who have suffered in this terrible atrocity and will offer Mass tomorrow evening at 5.30 in Westminster Cathedral for the victims and their families," he said in a statement released by his Public Affairs Office.

On hearing the news of the terrorists blasts in London, Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Birmingham, said: "My heart goes out to everyone caught up in these outrageous attacks.

Archbishop Nichols, who served as an auxiliary bishop of London from 1992 to 2000, also offered prayers for the injured.

"For many years, (as) a bishop in North London, I, too, traveled every day on these tubes and share the deep sense of shock and revulsion of what has happened. May God give strength, determination and consolation to all of us at this time," he said.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien, president of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland, said, "Like everyone else, I am deeply shocked at the scenes of violence, panic and confusion unfolding before our eyes today.

The statements came after a series of blasts rocked the London transportation system. Although the flow of information was hampered by chaos and jammed phone lines, several hours after the blasts officials said at least 12 people were killed and more than a hundred were injured.

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8 Jul 2005