Landmark report for Brisbane Catholic Education

A five-month review of services provided by Brisbane Catholic Education Centre to its 137 school communities is drawing to a close, with the research team from ACU who conducted the process delivering a detailed report of their findings to the validation panel.

The validation panel is chaired by former Assistant Director General for the Department of Education, Mr Brian Rout. It will forward it recommendations to the Catholic Education Council on Wednesday for its consideration and endorsement. They will then be forwarded to Archbishop Bathersby for his endorsement.

Executive Director of Catholic Education, Mr David Hutton said the process was the first comprehensive review of the Brisbane Catholic Education Centre and its services to schools.

"Just as our schools undertake renewal planning to affirm achievements and identify areas for further development, we are doing the same here at the Catholic education office," Mr Hutton said. "Given the very significant expansion in our community of schools, with a 20 percent growth in enrolments in the past 10 years and future growth anticipated, it is important that we plan for the best possible delivery of services to our schools," he said.

Brisbane Catholic Education Centre Renewal (Catholic Education, Archdiocese of Brisbane 22/7/05)

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25 Jul 2005