Church concerned for adopted children of same-sex couples

The Church has stressed the priority of the rights of children in the wake of changes recommended by the Law Reform Commission that include legal protection for same-sex couples who act as parents.

Lesbians would be able to adopt their partner's child under a system called "deemed adoption" if recommendations by the Victorian Law Reform Commission are adopted. In a move that could affect hundreds of same-sex couples, the non-biological mother would for the first time be legally recognised as the child's parent.

The Herald-Sun reports that Melbourne Archdiocesan Vicar General, Monsignor Les Tomlinson, said children's rights should supersede those of same-sex couples and singles.

"To legislate changes) would be depriving a child of their rightful entitlement to a mother and a father," he said.

Similarly, Catholic Health Australia CEO Francis Sullivan told The Age the rights of the child were paramount.

The commission also recommended that adoption laws be expanded to grant same-sex couples the same access to adoption as heterosexual couples.

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25 Jul 2005