Diocese to preserve Cathedral memories on video

As Western Australian Governor Lieutenant General John Sanderson visited the site of Bunbury's demolished St Patrick's Cathedral yesterday, the Diocese announced that it will preserve memories with the production of a video.

Lieutenant Sanderson, and his wife Mrs Lorraine Sanderson, arrived at 1:35 pm and watched a Powerpoint presentation on the history of the Cathedral.

The Western Australian regional diocese had its cathedral condemned after damage my a tornado earlier this year. Structural engineers determined that the only option was demolition, and the building was demolished earlier this month.

Last month, Pope Benedict XVI has expressed his sympathy for the people of the Diocese, and Bishop Gerard Holohan performed a Rite of Farewell at nearby St Mary's Church on 26 June.

In conjunction with Catholic Church Insurances, the Diocese is currently gathering information for a documentary on the cathedral, and is asking for anyone with historical film or photos of the cathedral to contact Mel Stillman at the Diocesan Offices (email: pastoral@bunburycatholic.org.au)

Do you have any memorabilia or a story to tell about St. Patrick's Cathedral? (Diocese of Bunbury)

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22 Jul 2005