Pope blames fanatics for London terror

Pope Benedict XVI blamed the London attacks on "fanatics", saying the the bombings, which killed at least 56 people, did not constitute a "clash of civilisations" between the West and Islam.

"It's not a clash of civilisations but only small groups of fanatics," the Holy Father said in response to questions from reporters at the gate of his mountain chalet as he returned from a drive.

AFP reports that the Vatican said earlier on Wednesday that the Pope would meet Muslim as well as Jewish community leaders during a trip to his native Germany next month, his first foreign visit since his election last April.

"Dialogue between the three monotheistic religions is very important," he said, underlining that it would have great value as a "signal" to the world.Dialogue between the world's major religions could act as "a cry of alarm, an invitation to leave aside terrorism."

The pope, who is holidaying in Valle D'Aosta in the Italian Alps, is to visit Cologne from 18-21 August to take part in the Catholic World Youth Day celebrations.

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22 Jul 2005