Pax Christi stands firm on nuclear weapons

As it welcomes a member of its international committee on a visit from Brussels, the peace organisation Pax Christi Australia has reaffirmed its opposition to nuclear weapons, ahead of next month's 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing.

Recently Pax Christi International issued a statement on the occasion of the 2005 Non Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, at the United Nations in New York in May. In that statement Pax Christi reaffirmed its position that it is immoral for states and non-state actors, including terrorists, to use, threaten with, or possess nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile Pax Christi Australia said in a statement at the weekend that committee member Jef Felix has already met with the organisation in Victoria and Queensland, and is currently visiting members in NSW before going on to New Zealand, South Korea and then Japan, in time for the Hiroshima anniversary on 6 August, which coincides with the 60th Anniversary of the foundation of Pax Christi after World War II.

Mr Felix is visiting Australia and New Zealand to establish closer links within the region with affiliated groups involved in peace, justice and ecology irrespective of faith or religion. He is also making preparations for next year's Pax Christi Asia-Pacific Consultation and Conference in Thailand.

Mr Felix is bringing a message from Pax Christi International to Hiroshima to express its sincere solidarity, thoughts and prayers to all the victims of these devastating and immoral bombings. The movement continues to support all those projects and any initiatives that will lead to the end of production and stockpiling of nuclear weapons by raising public awareness and advocacy towards political authorities.

Pax Christi is a grass-roots driven organisation extending across different continents and increasing interacting with diverse cultures and religions. Its programs aim to promote and facilitate solidarity, dialogue, training advocacy, campaigning and networking in development, human rights, justice disarmament and reconciliation, in collaboration with the United Nations and other international organisations with which it has consultative status.

Pax Christi Australia welcomes international visitor (Pax Christi Australia 15/7/05)

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19 Jul 2005