Holocaust survivors' lawsuit against the Vatican can proceed

A ruling this week by the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld an earlier decision that Holocaust survivors can continue their claims against the Vatican for the restitution of funds plundered from former Yugoslavia during the Second World War.

The Catholic News Agency reports the majority of the victims of genocide in Croatia during World War II were Orthodox Christian Serbs. More than 500,000 of them were liquidated by the Croatian Ustasha, with the backing of some Catholic clerics. These funds have been referred to as the Ustasha or Croatian treasury.

According to a report by Matt Abbott, the San Francisco court denied a Vatican petition for reconsideration and a request for an extraordinary en banc hearing. It also issued an amended opinion which indicated the Italian Peace Treaty of 1947 did not preclude the lawsuit because the Vatican was not a signatory to the treaty.

Court rules that Holocaust survivors' lawsuit against the Vatican can proceed (Catholic News Agency 15/6/05)

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17 Jun 2005