ACU National launches new book by Robert Dixon

Archbishop of Melbourne, Most Reverend Denis Hart will launch the latest work by Robert Dixon at Australian Catholic University (ACU National) Melbourne Campus (St Patrick's) today.

The book, titled The Catholic Community in Australia, is a new addition to the series 'Australia's Religious Communities,' edited by Philip J. Hughes and traces the history of the Catholic Church from the First Fleet to the present day.

"We can be proud as a university of what Mr Dixon has achieved in this book. It provides an excellent account of the Catholic community in Australia," said ACU National Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs), Professor Gabrielle McMullen.

The Catholic Community in Australia looks at the complex organisations and activities that make up the Catholic Church and examines how the richness of its traditions increased during the second half of the twentieth century through the arrival of Catholic immigrants from many countries.

It also includes a brief account of major Catholic beliefs and religious practices and notes both the achievements of the Catholic Church and the challenges it faces in the years ahead.

The new book is a revised edition of The Catholics in Australia, a standard reference on the contemporary Catholic community in Australia published in 1996. Mr Dixon indicates that the new edition will be of particular interest to Catholics eager to know more about their Church as well as to students of religion in Australia, and anyone interested in the role of the Catholic community in contemporary Australia.

ACU National launches new book by Robert Dixon (ACU National News 16/6/05)

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17 Jun 2005