Call to double Australia's international aid

Cardinal Edward Cassidy launched Fr Bruce Duncan's paper, Ending Hunger: How far can we go, yesterday in Melbourne. The paper, commissioned by the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council calls Australia to double our International Aid.

The paper reveals how, for the first time in history, the world has the resources and know-how to banish world poverty. The author documents the challenges facing wealthy nations to live up to their "Millennium Development Goals" of halving world poverty by 2015.

Rich countries need to double their aid if they are to meet the goals of lifting 500 million people out of dire poverty, 250 million out of hunger and saving 30 million children. All it takes is a fraction of the unprecedented prosperity of developed nations to make poverty history.

The generous response of governments and individuals to victims of the tsunami tragedy demonstrates a worldwide shift in attitudes to poverty. It shows that rich nations like Australia have the backing and the capacity to help their neighbours in distress.

Fr Duncan (pictured) says, "Australia can draw on our significant resources in skill and personnel, including in AusAID and the development agencies, to play a leading role, with Britain and within the multilateral framework of the United Nations, to defeat humanity's ancient enemies of hunger and insufferable poverty."

"Ending Hunger: How far can we go?" (ACSJC 14/6/05)

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16 Jun 2005