Franciscans Prepare to celebrate 800 years

The Franciscans' minister general, Fr José Rodríguez Carballo, has announced a program of events under the motto of "The Grace of Our Origins" which will lead up to the celebration of 800 years since the founding of the Order of Friars Minor in 2009.

According to Catholic Online, the celebrations will begin in 2006, the anniversary of the conversion of Francis of Assisi. They will conclude in 2009, eight centuries after the approval of Francis' rule by Pope Innocent III.

The program includes three stages: 2006, centered on listening, conversation and Gospel discernment; 2007, on the plan of life at the personal and community level; and 2008-2009, on the celebration of the gift of vocation.

The program was explained in a letter addressed to the Franciscan friars, the Poor Clare Sisters, and the Franciscan Contemplative Sisters.

In the letter Fr Carballo states that "we Franciscans wish to reaffirm our steadfast will to remain faithful to our charism ... re-creating it, however, in the light of the challenges of present-day Franciscan life."

Franciscans Preparing for 8th-Centenary Celebrations (Catholic Online 14/6/05)

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16 Jun 2005