Wireless Parramatta schools avoid cabling costs

75 Catholic schools in western Sydney and their central administration office will be linked by wireless network under a project now underway.

ZDnet reports that the project is being managed by the Catholic Education Office in Parramatta.

Andrew Cooper, head of the Learning and Information Technology Division at the office, told the publication that the initial rollout of 300 laptop computers - completed in March - had saved the organisation around $20,000 up front on wiring and cables.

However, overall savings were harder to estimate, Cooper conceded.

"We haven't quantified the cost savings with the new wireless solution because we can't predict how many laptops we will be getting".

He said a review was scheduled for the third quarter this year which would determine how the rollout would proceed.

"If we get positive feedback after our review, we will definitely be extending the solution [next year]. At the moment, we have set arrangements for schools to extend by themselves and a number of schools have already done so," he said.

Cooper said the office needed to continuously manage and balance the wireless points with the number of laptops available in the schools.

Sydney Catholic schools go wireless (ZDNet 31/5/05)

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32 Jun 2005