"Popetown" too pathetic to warrant concern

Catholic Communications, the media office of the NZ Catholic Bishops' Conference, is disappointed that gratuitous advance publicity was generated for the cartoon series, Popetown, by those who had not viewed the programme.

The director of Catholic Communications, Lyndsay Freer, watched the first episode of Popetown along with members of the Catholic hierarchy and clergy. They all agreed that the programme was too puerile to warrant any serious action being taken against CanWest's decision to run the series on its C4 channel. However, they will continue to monitor the remainder of the series.

Lyndsay Freer said that the decision to air Popetown showed a double standard on the part of CanWest.

"They would never dare put to air a similar programme about other cultures or faiths such as Islam or Judaism, because they know it could not be done with impunity," she said. "Catholics, and I suspect many other Christians, will deplore their lack of respect for our faith."

Popetown is scheduled to premiere on the Australian Comedy Channel in July.

First episode of "Popetown" too pathetic to warrant concern (Catholic Communications NZ 14/6/05)

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15 Jun 2005