Payout for nun after fall from wheelchair

A nun who needs 24 hour care after a wheelchair accident while crossing a resurfaced Dublin street has been awarded $A721,291 in an out of court settlement with Dublin City Council.

The Irish Independent reports that the disabled sister, who is in her 70s, sued after she suffered major injuries following the accident, which occurred in Dublin's city centre two years ago.

The case was settled out of court last month.

The elderly woman has suffered huge medical problems since the accident, needing almost 24-hour care. As a result of the fall, the nun, who has osteoporosis, broke both legs and a hip and then developed the MRSA hospital bug.

She had been a paraplegic since a road accident around 30 years ago but had relative independence. Since the fall, however, her independence was significantly reduced.

Nun gets 450,000 after city street fall from wheelchair (Irish Independent 7/6/05)

8 Jun 2005