Catholic Mission receives surprise donation from USA

Catholic Mission Australian Director Fr Terry Bell has issued a public vote of thanks to an anonymous donor who sent $US1000 (approximately $A1337) in cash to the charity's Sydney office last week.

Fr Bell believes it was more than good luck that the envelope arrived safely.

Posted somewhere in the US (the postmark isn't clear), the envelope had inadequate postage and was sent to an old address. The sender misspelt "Syndney" and didn't include 'Australia'.

"You can imagine Fr Bell's surprise when he opened the package to find 10 $100 greenbacks inside, delicately held together with Post-It notes and sticky tape," said a statement from Catholic Mission.

The money was accompanied by a note, which read: "From jesus with love to his children in need".

Catholic Mission - known internationally as the Pontifical Mission Societies - is well represented in the US, so it's also a mystery why the donor would send the money from the US to Australia in the first place.

Fr Bell said he thanked God for the envelope's safe arrival. If he could, he'd also thank the donor.

"There were so many reasons why this money could have gone astray but God has guided it into our hands safely and it will be put to very good use," Fr Bell said.

He said the money would be used for Catholic Mission's work for needy children in the developing world.

Surprise donation arrives safely (Catholic Mission 3/6/05)

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7 Jun 2005