Pell invites Jews, Muslims to join battle for the family

Sydney's Cardinal George Pell yesterday told the the 4th International Inter-Religion Abraham Conference that Muslims, Christians and Jews share a common commitment to loving faithful marriage is the true foundation of the family, and they should all work together to protect it.

"The children of Abraham should take the lead in ensuring a better future not only for children and families, but also for our country," he said. "With our secular brothers and sisters we can make a significant contribution to a better future for our nation of Australia."

Cardinal Pell told Conference participants that he believes that "the haves and have-nots of the future will often be divided into those who have had a loving family upbringing and those who have never had this opportunity".

He said that it is not in the interests of any of the faiths to have historic enmities imported into Australia.

"A country like Australia offers many blessings to those who believe in God, including respect for truth, for human family and dignity, for religious freedom, and a commitment to just, non-violent political structures," he said. "We have to work together to protect these good things, and to ensure that we continue to enjoy them despite hostile pressures that can arise both from within our society, and from outside."

He added that members of the faiths need to work together on a variety of issues touching on morality, as well as social justice, education and welfare.

"With all Australians, we have an interest in preserving and strengthening the conditions that ensure peace, harmony, stability and prosperity in our democracy, with our now traditional separation of Church and state or more accurately religion and government."

George Cardinal Pell: Remarks to the 4th International Inter-Religion Abraham Conference (Archdiocese of Sydney 5/6/05)

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6 Jun 2005