Benedict chooses theme for World Peace Day

"In Truth, Peace" is the theme Pope Benedict XVI has chosen for the 1 January 2006 celebration of World Peace Day.

Catholic News Service reports that the Vatican published the theme at the weekend along with a brief explanation of the theme by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

The theme recognises that peace creates an atmosphere where people grow in righteousness and love when founded on the truth about the human person and human dignity.

The Holy Father's message for World Peace Day will be released in December.

The Council's presentation on Saturday quoted heavily from the Second Vatican Council's document on the church in the modern world, particularly its insistence that true peace is the result of justice and righteousness and not simply a matter of finding a balance between opposing forces. Peace, the Second Vatican Council said, "is the fruit of that right ordering of things" according to God's plans for creation.

Pope chooses 'In Truth, Peace' as theme for World Peace Day (Catholic News Service zzz/6/05)

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30 Jun 2005