Pope says Christ's humility leads humanity to freedom

During his weekly Wednesday audience yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI shared with nearly 23,000 pilgrims, his message that through emptying himself, taking on human weakness, and making himself like a slave, Christ leads mankind to discover his own freedom.

Catholic News Agency reports that the Holy Father used the St. Paul's Letter to the Philippians as the central theme of his catechesis during this morning's general audience, held in St. Peter's Square.

He first discussed how, in the first part of what is called, the 'Christological hymn' found in the Letter to the Philippians (2, 6-11), we must consider "the paradoxical 'emptying' of the divine Word, Who deposes His glory and takes on the human condition."

"Christ", the Pope said, "incarnated and humiliated in the most shameful form of death, that of crucifixion, is proposed as a model of life for Christians," who must, in fact, "'have this mind among (themselves), which was in Jesus Christ,' a mind of humility and of dedication, of detachment and of generosity."

"Although He is equal to God," Pope Benedict said, imitating St. Paul, Christ "did not use His glorious dignity and power as an instrument of triumph, a sign of remoteness or an expression of supremacy. Quite the contrary, He unreservedly assumed the human condition, miserable, weak, marked by suffering, poverty and fragility, subject to time and space."

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2 Jun 2005